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Winter 2010 Seminars

Winter 2010 BB Seminar Program

Seminars are Wednesdays at 3:30 in ALS4001 unless otherwise noted.


Date:  January 6
Speaker:  Bertrand Garcia-Moreno
Affiliation:  Biophysics, Johns Hopkins University
Title: "Charges in the hydrophobic interior of proteins"
Host:  Barbar

Date:  January 20
Speaker:  Keith Maggert
Affiliation:  Biology, Texas A&M
Title:  "Genomic Buffering -- can volatile DNA explain genetic expressivity?"
Host:  Freitag

Date:  February 5 (Friday)
Speaker:  Buddy Ullman
Affiliation:  Biochemistry, OHSU
Title:  "Purine Metabolism in Protozoan Parasites"
Host:  Mathews

Date:  February 17
Speaker: Jeff Agar
Affiliation:  Chemistry, Brandeis
Title:  "Metals Versus Mutants:  Structure Determination in ALS-Associated SOD1 Variants"
Host:  Beckman

Date:  March 3
Speaker:  Ian Gibbons
Affiliation:  Molecular and Cell Biology, Berkeley
Title:  "A Lifetime of Biochemical and Biophysical Approaches to Dynein"
Host:  Barbar

Date:  March 12 (Friday)
Speaker:  First year graduate students
Affiliation: Biochemistry and Biophysics, OSU
Title:  Rotation talks
Host:  Freitag