ASBMB Accredited Stamp

We are pleased to announce our accreditation with ASBMB ( Students will now be able to participate in the annual Certification Exam.

Preparing for the Exam

Please refer to the following for additional information on the format of the exam and the practice questions provided:

Scoring and Results

Exams will be scored by a committee of ASBMB members using rubrics provided by the authors of the respective questions. Each student response will be scored by three or more independent evaluators. Any items exhibiting unusually disparate scores will be investigated by a team of two additional evaluators. The members of the committee will be selected to insure both individual diversity as well as balance by region and institutional classification. Every evaluator will participate in a training experience to enhance uniformity of scoring.

ASBMB will compile all scores, determine cutoffs for certification, and communicate this information to each student individually. In addition, each program will receive a report of the aggregate scores achieved by their students on each question.