Advisors for the Biochemistry & Biophysics and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology majors
From left to right: Dr. Andy Karplus, Dr. Kari van Zee, Dr. Lauren Dalton, Dr. Indira Rajagopal, Dr. Vivana Perez, Dr. Kevin Ahern


Who is my Advisor:

The BB/BMB Advising Team consists of Dr. Andy Karplus,  Dr. Kari van Zee (Lead Advisor), Dr. Lauren Dalton, and Dr. Viviana Perez.

We use a team approach to advising, meaning BB and BMB students will work with all members of the advising team over the course of their undergraduate career on a rotation basis rather than being assigned to just one advisor.  We try to be as accessible as possible to students and welcome students to drop by or schedule appointments.  All members of the BB/BMB advising team are research or teaching faculty which enables us to work with our students in different settings.

When do I meet:

BB and BMB students are required to meet with a member of the advising team at least once per year in the spring term, and per OSU policy, first year students are required to meet with an advisor every term. However, we strongly encourage all students to meet with an advisor every term to discuss their progress and goals and to explore opportunities.

Scheduling an appointment with a BB/BMB advisor: 

Prospective Students and Change of Major: Future undergraduates and students interested in changing into the BB and BMB majors should contact Lead Advisor Dr. Kari van Zee (; 541-737-1773) to learn more about the BB and BMB majors and to request an appointment. 

Current Majors:

Scheduling advising appointments is done by email request.  Students enrolled in the BB/BMB majors will receive specific instructions through the bbundergrad listserve in weeks 4, 6, and 8 on the advising rotation for that term and how to schedule an advising appointment for peak advising weeks 5-9 when PINs are available.   Be aware that our advising calendars fill up and same day or even week appointments may not be possible. Some questions can be addressed in drop-in advising hours (though PINs will not be given out then).

Premed Advising:

Those BB and BMB majors who are premed should communicate regulary with Dr. Kari van Zee, Lead Advisor (; 541-737-1773) who is our premed advisor.  Premed students should also take BI 109:  Health Professions-Medical offered each spring and use the resources hosted on the College of Science Health Professions website

Drop in advising:
Lead Advisor Kari van Zee hosts drop in advising hours each term, typically MW 11 am-12 noon in ALS 2141.