Senior Instructor I and Advisor

ALS 2141






Ph.D. 1992, Biochemistry, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany

B.A. 1987, Molecular Biology, Princeton University



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Research Interests

As an instructor for the Biochemistry and Biophysics Department and the Biology Program, I have a strong interest in preparing undergraduate and graduate students for a variety of careers in the life sciences and supporting life-long learning in STEM.

Representative Publications


Courses I Teach

  • BB/BI 315 Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • BB/BI 317 Scientific Theory and Practice

  • BB 493/593 Biochemistry Laboratory 1 (Techniques in Biochemistry)
  • BB 494/594 Biochemistry Laboratory 2 (Techniques in Molecular Biology)


Programs I am affiliated with

  • Broader Impacts and Outreach by Graduate Students (BIO-GradS) in the Department of Zoology at OSU. 
  • Youth Outreach Leadership Council at OSU