Biochemistry and Biophysics Professors
Adjunct Professors
  • Daniel J. Arp (Microbial biochemistry, nitrification; Botany & Plant Pathology)

  • Alan Bakalinsky (Fermentation, biofuels, wine yeast; Food Science & Technology)

  • Andrew B. Buermeyer (DNA mismatch repair; Environmental & Molecular Toxicology)

  • Theo W. Dreher (RNA-protein interactions; Microbiology)

  • Theresa Filtz (Cell signaling, G proteins; Pharmacy)

  • Arup Indra (Stem cells, inflammation, signaling, melanoma; Pharmacy, Dermatology, OSHU)

  • Siva K. Kolluri (Anti-cancer therapies; Environmental & Molecular Toxicology)

  • Mark Leid (Cell signaling, gene expression; Pharmacy)

  • Weihong Qiu (Intracellular transport, motor proteins, single molecule biophysics; Physics)

  • L. Walter Ream (Bacteriogenetics; Microbiology)

  • Vincent T. Remcho (Bioanalysis and separation; Chemistry)

  • David E. Williams (Toxicology; Environmental & Molecular Toxicology)

Biochemistry & Biophysics Instructors
Biochemistry & Biophysics Emeritus Professors

(note: emeritus faculty are not accepting new graduate students)